Q1. Does B’Nai Tikkun operate like a private enterprise where the more donations they get, the larger the assets of the leadership become?
A1. B’Nai Tikkun operates with some financial support channelled through the Seventh-day Adventist Church which is part of a distribution designed to avoid accumulation of wealth for the benefit of specific individuals at the same time providing longevity for this specific group. They also operate under local tax laws so that donors can get the benefit of receipts claimable for rebates in accordance with government policies in place in a particular country.

Q2. Because B’Nai Tikkun gets partial funding from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, does not this make it obligatory for B’Nai Tikkun to alter their beliefs to suit the requirements of the funding body?
A2. B’Nai Tikkun is Jewish-run in a Jewish cultural setting. It also operates under the principles outlined in the Torah (first 5 books of the Bible), the Prophets and Writings, and the B’rit Chadashah (New Testament). Because the Seventh-day Adventist Church promotes the importance of the Shabbat and resting in Yeshua we have a common interest.

Q3. Because B’Nai Tikkun is essentially Jewish, are Gentile believers excluded?
A3. Definitely not. Anyone wanting to learn more about the Jewish/Israeli roots of the Christian faith and to experience Jewish culture is welcome. The Jewishness of the Christian Church and its roots are fully explained in Romans 11.

Q4. Who are the administrators of B’Nai Tikkun?
A4. Roger Lang and Dr J Lang:
Roger Lang
Pastor and chaplain Roger Lang has studied in a variety of fields including religion, law and ethics. Formerly serving with both the US Navy and US Army as a Chaplain and currently a NZDF Army Chaplain, Roger has ministered in a variety of tragic and dire scenarios which have given him a better understanding of the potential complexity of the human experience. With community service at the heart of his ministry, Roger seeks to aid others in all areas of life--spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and relational. Roger is a certified trainer in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), holds advanced degrees in Political Science and Religion, and specializes in the Jewish understanding of the Sermon on the Mount.

Roger and Jennifer believe in Tikkun Olam and through community engagment are helping repair and restore the world.  

Dr. J Lang
Dr. J Lang holds a Doctorate in Ministry in Mashiach Judaism and holds an M.Litt from St. Andrews University in Bible in the Contemporary World.  Dr. Lang  is a military chaplain for the New Zealand Defence force, author of two books in Mashiach-Jewish studies, a chaplaincy research supervisor for Avondale College in Australia, and congregational leader. Dr Lang has also trained in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), Critical Incident Situation Management (CISM), and Pastoral Disaster Care. With a passion for serving God by serving others, she is also a mother of three and the wife and ministry team-mate of Roger Lang. In addition, she also seeks to fight anti-semitism and enjoys helping Christians discover more of the exciting Jewish roots of their own Christianity.

Q5.  How authentically Jewish is Bnai Tikkun? 
A5.  Very Jewish.  The intent of the group is to allow all levels of Jewish understanding to have the freedom of self-expression.  The groups are based on love and compassion allowing a non-judgmental expression of their faith.  

Q6.  Who is Bet Tikkun? 
A6.  Bet Tikkun is a group of Jewish believers who meet in Wellington on Saturdays.  The group believes in Tikkun Olam and allowing an open expression of their Jewish faith to all participants.